EISEN sharpeners - pre school child-safe sharpeners
EISEN sharpeners - pre-school sharpeners
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pre school.

Safety for our little ones.

Pre-School is a formative time for our curious, young children demanding a clever sharpener for children to help them explore their creativity. Ergonomic and appealing in design for the kids. Safety features such as child-safe for the parents “peace of mind”. Perfect with big pencils and little hands to support the active learning stages.

pre school sharpener #169 - EISEN sharpeners
EISEN sharpeners - pre-school sharpeners - patented child safe

Safe sharpener
These sharpeners are especially designed with a child safe blade – so they sharpen pencils – not fingers.

Health harmlessness
Our production standards are very high. The used product materials are certified and tested as BPA-free.

EISEN sharpeners - pre-school sharpeners - patented child safe
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EISEN sharpeners - pre-school pencil sharpener
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Big and ergonomically shaped pencils are the best choice for small children‘s hands. Otherwise, the hand can quickly get tired if the pencil is held incorrectly and the joy of painting is lost. In order to provide the child with a pleasant painting experience, it is important to offer the right sharpener for the pencil diameter, otherwise the lead will not be sharpened cleanly and will break off again and again under pressure. For happy children – join the Eisen Pre School Sharpeners.
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Be inspired by a selection of our preschool sharpeners.

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