EISEN sharpeners - sharpeners for artists
EISEN sharpeners - artist sharpeners
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It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection.

Our high-quality sharpeners create a precise tip and the best possible drawing experience. The bonus is two extra spare blades at the ready so your creativity is not interrupted. Our timeless sharpener is characterized by its sturdy long-lasting and environmentally friendly attributes.
EISEN sharpeners - artist sharpeners
EISEN sharpeners - artists sharpener #055
EISEN sharpeners - artist sharpeners

High quality
Our blades are 100% made in Germany.
We continuously invest into tailor made production processes to ensure the highest level of quality. Our Taicang production site complies with industry standards ISO 9001, BSCI and SMETA (SEDEX). Together with the EISEN quality assurance system this unique setup creates a decisive advantage for our customers. EISEN uses state of the art technical solutions.

For artists’ needs
The EISEN world of sharpeners offers you a wide range of sharpeners custom tailored to your needs. Our artist selection provides the right sharpener for every type of pencil, including hard graphite leads, watercolor pencils and charcoal pencils. Due to the high quality of our blades, our sharpeners are long lasting and will continue to sharpen to the point, even with intensive use.

Some of our sharpeners have special features, which make the sharpening process even easier and better. Our product range includes plastic sharpeners with transparent cover, extra resistant metal sharpeners, lead sharpeners for mechanical pencils, 2-in-1 sharpeners with erasers, and not least a combination of flat and pointed tip forms in one sharpener. All sharpeners can be decorated with the EISEN-logo, your individual logo, or an advertising brand.

EISEN sharpeners - artist sharpeners
EISEN sharpeners - artist sharpeners for graphite, coloured, monolith and charcoal pencils
EISEN sharpeners - artist sharpeners
EISEN sharpeners - fine art sharpeners


Be inspired by a selection of our artist sharpeners.

For the full range of artist sharpeners see our catalogue.

Eisen sharpeners - crown

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