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Performance under the sign of the crown.

Manufacture the best sharpeners and drawing instruments in terms of quality, efficacy and safety worldwide, to meet the infinitely diverse needs and desires of our customers’ cosmetics and stationary lines through our wide array of decoration and finishing techniques. Every project we develop focuses primarily on our customers’ requirements and on creating additional value.

We will inspire our customers with professional, affordable tools that perfectly sharpen all pencils available on the market. Our extensive range of products will become more and more sustainable to defend the legitimate interests of future generations. By constantly improving our processes we continuously exceed present industry standards and push them to new limits.

Build an efficient, flexible cooperation with all of our partners based on mutual trust and understanding and take economic responsibility make a sustainable, positive impact. The focus lies not only on reducing environmentally harmful influences in production and logistics, but also on giving employees security through our companies’ economic sustainability.


EISEN sharpeners - sustainability
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EISEN sharpeners - Ecoline POS sharpeners and rulers


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EISEN sharpeners - Inside

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Performance under the sign of the crown.

Due to the corona virus, we are currently not represented at any trade fairs or other events.

We are currently not represented at any trade fairs or other events.

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