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Please find below an overview of frequently asked questions.

Eisen sharpeners are made of post-consumer PS or virgin PS. Components requiring a high level of flexibility are usually molded in PP. Parts with special requirements such as certain deco technologies may also be molded in ABS.

The material has no influence on the sharpening result.

Wood is a natural material, which reacts to varying climatic conditions. Due to the resulting dimensional changes, it is less suitable for precision sharpeners, which should be machined to tolerances of no more than 1/100 mm.

Stationery pencil sharpeners are always engineered to form a pointed tip – with the exception of special sharpeners for color pencils or pencils with a very large diameter. The specific properties of cosmetic pencil formulas and the requested area of application call for a different approach. Eisen cosmetic pencil sharpeners are available in a version forming a rounded tip (soft formulas, relatively wide lines), or a pointed tip (medium-hard formulas, thin line for precise application)

Matching the sharpener diameter to the pencil diameter has a decisive influence on the sharpening result. This is true for all pencil profiles, whether triangular, hexagonal, octagonal or round. Pencils whose diameter is too small will lack guidance and the leverage exerted during the sharpening process may cause the tip to break.

In order to make sharpener selection easier, Eisen uses standard values such as 7.9 mm, 10.9 mm and 12.0 mm in all communications. Best test your pencils or have them tested by Eisen’s team of experts before settling on a certain model.

Many Eisen cosmetic sharpeners also have a removable adapter to provide more flexibility for different pencil diameters and to better match the sharpener diameter to the pencil in question.

In a first step, try to define what pencils you wish to sharpen. Selecting the correct diameter and tip form are key to making your pencils work. Then think about where and how you’ll use this sharpener: sharpeners travelling in bags should best have a container to catch the shavings, and possibly a closure for the sharpener opening to avoid spillage. And of course sharpeners for young children should match their skills to minimize the risk of injury.

Eisen sharpeners come in functional packaging that makes sure they’ll arrive safely at their destination. Special pack-out options are readily available, depending on your requirements at the POS, or the way you’ll integrate the sharpeners into your line of products. Find out more in the Full Service section for school&office or cosmetic. Or just reach out directly: we’ll be happy to consult with you and discuss your detailed questions to find the perfect solution for your product portfolio. Contact us.

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