EISEN Sharpeners - elegance cosmetic sharpeners
EISEN Sharpeners - elegance cosmetic sharpeners
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elegance is a
matter of details.

Elegance and grace never ever come out of fashion.

EISEN Sharpeners - elegance cosmetic sharpeners
With an eye to detail it’s time to explore our first-class sharpener. Refined, luxurious you will want this in your cosmetic bag. The soft curves, a perfect tip, an audible closure and a spot for your logo assures the elegance and quality desired.
EISEN Sharpeners - elegance cosmetic sharpeners
EISEN Sharpeners - elegance cosmetic sharpeners

Our blades are 100% made in Germany.
We continuously invest into tailor made production processes to ensure the highest level of quality. Our Taicang production site complies with industry standards ISO 9001, BSCI and SMETA (SEDEX). Together with the EISEN quality assurance system this unique setup creates a decisive advantage for our customers. EISEN uses state of the art technical solutions.

Makeup can be as diverse as our society.
For a precise eyeliner and lip contour, some
of us will need a fine tip. For others it’s more important to have a round point while sharpening very soft leads. EISEN has special
sharpeners with adjustable or built-in second blades systems to adapt the
tip form to your specific requirements.

At EISEN, we continuously invent new solutions to make sharpening an easy, comfortable and satisfying experience.
This is complemented by innovative decoration techniques and sophisticated pack-out options. Make your sharpener the it-piece of your brand.


Be inspired by a selection of our elegance sharpeners.

For the full range of elegance sharpeners see our catalogue.

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