A high-quality cosmetic pencil must have a high-quality cosmetic sharpener. Every time you sharpen you create the perfect point and here is why:


The blade

The blade is the key to the function of a cosmetic sharpener. It is crucial for the sharpening quality and durability. With all the existing pencil types and materials in the market place, only a very sharp blade, with exact tolerances, enables an effortless sharpening process. This high-quality blade production takes place at the Eisen factory in Germany.

The sharpener body

Most cosmetic sharpeners are made of plastic. No matter the aesthetics -  cheerful, colorful, bright or sumptuous -  the function never deviates. We are happy to guide you in choosing the right materials and bring your ideas to life. Have you considered recycled resins? Or biodegradable materials? Whatever questions you may have, we will have the answer so you can give your customer the best sharpener.

The angle and the point

Creating the point is defined by the sharpening angle. Each pencil has an ideal angle for its application. The harder the lead, the smaller the angle, the longer and more defined the point. This will offer a precision line.
For very soft leads it is important to round the point while sharpening. This avoids breaking the lead during the application process. The rounding of the point is done with our patented second blade System -  a small plastic part that guides the point. This will offer multiple application options, such as smooth lining, smudging, broader lining and fuller coverage. If you wish to offer higher flexibility for the user, we have sharpeners that can switch between a fine point and a rounded point.

            Movable second blade

The right diameter

The best sharpener for your pencil will be the sharpener with the correct hole diameter for your pencil. Some tolerance is ok, but too much can cause errors while sharpening. The optimum difference between your pencil diameter and the sharpener diameter is 0.1 to 0.2mm. Many of our sharpeners work with different adapters to meet your diameter needs. Whichever option you need, we will guide you in the right direction and select the perfect diameter for you.   

            Removable adapter

Customer use

As a perfect companion, the sharpener must fulfill all your customer’s requests. If the sharpener is carried along in a bag, it should ensure that the waste is stored in a container to be closed safely. The sharpener should be small and at the same time big enough to have a good grip when sharpening. If the sharpener is used at home, the requests may be completely different. Just let us know and we will discuss multiple options and possibilities to create the perfect sharpener for your customer.

            easy-to-use cleaning stick


We pack all our sharpeners in an inner carton box to protect and ensure a safe transport. Together, with the knowledge of your transportation and fulfillment processes and your ideas about customizing a pack out, we will discover the best solution for your program.



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