Our sharpeners have satisfied our customers worldwide for over 90 years, because of their highest quality based on our knowledge and experience. We produce "High Tech" and are happy to share it with you.

We need 14 process steps just to manufacture an Eisen blade. Of course, grinding is the most detailed step, but the sharpest knife would not work properly without the exact temperature during hardening or if mistakes happened in the rust protection. We have optimized and improved our processes for 90 years and know how to keep quality and efficiency at the highest level. Thus we are able to produce more than 150 million high-quality blades every year.

All our sharpeners are exclusively made by Eisen in our own premises. All major process steps are in-house. But if for some reason it makes sense to do something externally, e.g. packaging or some surface treatment process, we will let you know and guarantee our suppliers. The metal sharpener bodies are produced in-house out of raw material and even the moulds for our plastic sharpeners are completely Eisen-built in our own tooling department. This way we make sure to fulfill your requirements with speed and flexibility.

A major part of our production is the assembly line with highly automated machinery. Automation enables us not only to offer very competitive pricing, but also to ensure a repeatable high-quality level, producing over 60,000,000 sharpeners per year. Each screw is assembled with the right torque, each blade is positioned exactly in the right way and each sharpener therefore has the quality you should expect from the market leader.

Many of our machines are even developed and built internally. Our technology department ensures that all machines work properly and will overhaul and improve them on a regular basis to ensure we always have enough capacity ready for your next important order.



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